2017 Emmy predictions for Best Drama Series: ‘Stranger Things’ or ‘Handmaid’s Tale’?

“This is an incredibly tight race,” Tony Ruiz says at the top of our Best Drama Series slugfest (watch above). Emblematic of the tightness, Riley Chow points out that Gold Derby’s odds overall “have ‘Stranger Things’ in first place, but more people are actually predicting ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ to win.” The other nominees are no slouches either; here is a sample of what our contributors say about the 2017 Emmy nominees for Best Drama Series:

“Better Call Saul” (AMC): “It got a directing nomination it never was expecting. It’s one of three shows that’s in Editing, so it’s in a lot of those categories where you would need support. I would have preferred it to get another acting nomination, but yeah, I could see how it could win.” — Amanda Spears

“The Crown” (Netflix): “Do you think ‘The Crown’ could just kind of ‘King’s Speech’ their way into this? Remember when that won Best Picture a couple years ago and we had a lot of innovative and exciting films or films that we were more passionate about, but they just went the tried-and-true Best Picture way?” — Amanda Spears

“The Handmaid’s Tale” (Hulu): “ ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ has just exploded in ways that I don’t think any of us were prepared for.” — Tony Ruiz

“House of Cards” (Netflix): “Is ‘House of Cards’ Season 5 the worst-reviewed season ever nominated for Best Drama Series?” — Riley Chow

“Stranger Things” (Netflix): “It hasn’t faded away, which usually you find as time passes on and people are able to reflect on things more, you’ll have people that are like, ‘Okay, yeah, it’s good, but it wasn’t as great as I remember it — as I thought it was when I first saw it.’ This show has not lost any of that.” — Charles Bright

“This is Us” (NBC): “If ‘This is Us’ takes three — it’s in four acting categories; I’m not talking nominations — if it takes three of those races, it starts to look more and more like a show that could buck all the trends and still win Drama Series.” — Amanda Spears

“Westworld” (HBO): “Even though it didn’t win, say, the Producers Guild and the Screen Actors Guild like ‘Stranger Things,’ it was competing against ‘Game of Thrones’ at both of those and I would think that if ‘Game of Thrones’ is taking votes away from anybody, it would be ‘Westworld’ — and ‘Game of Thrones’ is obviously taking a ton of votes.” — Riley Chow

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