2017 Oscar predictions editors’ slugfest: How many trophies will ‘La La Land’ win?

“There could be a sweep mentality with these voters, where they see ‘La La Land’ on their ballot and they just keep checking it off,” Marcus Dixon surmises in our 2017 Oscar predictions slugfest. Gold Derby editors Tom O’Neil and Chris Beachum join me in dishing our predictions, including our belief that “La La Land” could very well match the Oscar record of 11 wins currently held by “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” (2003), “Titanic” (1997) and “Ben-Hur” (1959). Watch the video above or listen to the podcast version below.

“La La Land” has 14 nominations, but it competes against itself for Best Song, so it can only win 13 trophies maximum. We all agree that Ryan Gosling‘s Best Actor chances are tough, and that it could lose Best Sound Editing to a louder movie like “Hacksaw Ridge” or “Arrival,” so 11 wins seems like a safe bet.

However, Chris is hesitant on whether it can win Best Original Screenplay. “‘Manchester by the Sea’ seemed like a lock to me there,” he says. “But so many people, including our own Zach Laws, are now switching over to ‘La La Land’ for original screenplay which it won at the Globes and it tied with ‘Manchester’ at the Critics’ Choice Awards.”

Tom lists the categories where “La La Land” is the frontrunner according to Gold Derby’s Oscar experts from major media outlets. “We’ve got seven where it’s gonna win: picture, director, actress production design, music score, song and sound mixing.” As for the other categories, the “maybes” are costumes, screenplay, cinematography and film editing. And the “noes” are actor and sound editing.

See the full list of 2017 Oscar nominations. See O’Neil’s Oscar picks right here, Beachum’s right here, and Dixon’s right here. See how the editors’ rankings compared to the experts’ predictions right here.

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