2018 Emmys drama slugfest: ‘Handmaid’s Tale,’ ‘This is Us’ or ‘Game of Thrones’?

“There’s lots to talk about, as there’s [only] some shows coming back and some new shows,” declares senior editor Rob Licuria during our 2018 Emmy nominations slugfest focusing on Best Drama Series and all four of the main drama acting races. He is joined by fellow editor Matt Noble and contributing writers Riley Chow, Zach LawsTony Ruiz and Amanda Spears to dish their early predictions and what to look out for in the drama categories (watch the video above).

“I have ‘The Handmaids Tale’ in my number one position, as a default for now,” Licuria says. “Here’s what’s interesting,” Laws proclaims. “Last year, ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ swept. You could chalk it up to a number of reasons. The fact that ‘Game of Thrones wasn’t eligible that year, and the fact that it came on as the preamble to the #MeToo movement,” he explains, adding, “with ‘Game of Thrones’ coming back, does that mean ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ loses?”

Ruiz is not so sure. “When ‘Game of Thrones’ won, it had such buzz about it. It had these monumental episodes that were the talk of Hollywood,” he says. “With so much time gone, there’s been so much other stuff going on.” Although the consensus is similar for the top five or six shows in the running, that seventh slot is up for grabs, with most pundits going with “The Americans.” Chow believes there’s another show that we should be looking out for. “I’ve got ‘Mindhunter’ in my seventh slot,” he says. “Although it under performed at the precursors, it’s got good reviews, I think people saw it and liked it.”

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