2018 SAG Awards film nominations slugfest: ‘Get Out,’ ‘Three Billboards’ move up in races

After our in-house editors debated the highs and lows of the SAG Awards film nominations announced Wednesday, senior editor Rob Licuria was joined by contributors Tony Ruiz and Amanda Spears to give their take on the surprises, snubs and their favorite nominees. Watch the video above.

In a mixed bag of snubs and surprises, the SAG nominations offered up a few clues as to how the Oscar race might pan out. “We always look to the SAG Awards to give us some kind of lead in to the Oscars,” Ruiz declares. “What this told me was that the Oscars are coming down to three films. ‘Lady Bird,’ ‘Three Billboards,’ and ‘Get Out,’ and what is amazing to me is that ‘Get Out’, a film that opened back in February, is showing such strength,” he says. “I really think it’s a serious threat at the Oscars.”

For Licuria, seeing Hong Chau nominated for her performance in “Downsizing” made him most happy about her potential Oscar prospects. “When I saw ‘Downsizing,’ I was watching Hong Chau and thought, ‘imagine a world where she would be nominated for awards for this incredible performance, and then she gets the Golden Globe nomination against all odds, and she gets the SAG nomination. As far as I’m concerned, she’s in at the Oscars.”

Spears brings up a fascinating point about how “I, Tonya” might perform this Oscar season. “We’re in an Olympic year,” she notes. “We’re about to have two weeks of wall to wall figure skating where they always rehash that Nancy-Tonya story. And with Margot Robbie, it could swing things her way,” she says.

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