2018 SAG Awards TV nominations slugfest: ‘Will & Grace’ was the worst of the snubs and surprises

After our in-house editors debated the highs and lows of the SAG Awards TV nominations announced Wednesday, senior editor Rob Licuria was joined by contributors Tony Ruiz and Amanda Spears to give their take on the surprises, snubs and their favorite nominees. Watch the video above.

In a mixed bag of snubs and surprises, a few contenders emerged as favorites. “My first reaction when looking at the drama series ensemble nominees, “Licuria says, “is that these have now become the five shows that seem to be consistently being included in this club; ‘The Crown,’ ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘The Handmaid’s Tale,’ ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘This Is Us.’” Licuria was especially pleased about this, but “there’s a few things we should be complaining about,” he adds, asking “what is going on with ‘Will & Grace’ not getting as much recognition as we thought? … Why? I don’t get it. It under-performed at the Globes, and it has really under-performed here as only Sean Hayes has been nominated!”

Ruiz agrees that leaving “Will & Grace” out was a mistake. “I think [it] deserved a lot more. I think Megan Mullally deserved to be here.” Chow is a little less surprised by the missing “Will & Grace” nominations, noting that “the nominations on the comedy side are fairly progressive. They finally dropped ‘Modern Family,’ they finally dropped ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ and they don’t have ‘Will & Grace,’ which is really an older style show.” Spears agrees that maybe we should not be so surprised to see the show under-perform. “These nostalgia trips, as much as audiences love them, I think the industry is like ‘been there, done that,’ and as far as SAG is concerned, Sean Hayes has won three times, Megan Mullally has won three times,” Spears argues. “Maybe they feel that they have done all they needed to and it’s time to award someone new.”

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