2019 Emmys predictions slugfest: Best Drama Writing

It’s not surprising that our combined Emmy odds currently peg “Killing Eve’s” “Nice and Neat” as the front-runner for Best Drama Writing. The second season of the BBC America show just nabbed a significant total of nine nominations. I recently joined Gold Derby editors Riley Chow and Zach Laws to discuss whether we agree with the odds or have one of the other nominees in our top spots (watch the video slugfest above).

“There is only one ‘Game of Thrones’ nominee in writing,” Laws stresses as he explains his decision to predict “Thrones’” series finale “The Iron Throne” as the most likely winner. Since this episode doesn’t have to worry about splitting the vote with another submission from the show, it would be the sole recipient of “Throne’s” massive overall support – it nabbed a record-breaking 32 nominations. I, too, have it in my top slot and add that “I wouldn’t be surprised if they [voters] said: This was the last time we can reward this show, and we’ll check it off.” Like us, Chow is betting against the odds, but is instead putting his money on “Succession’s” season 1 finale “Nobody Is Ever Missing,” pointing to its “significant visibility on HBO.”

“I think I’m going to put that in second place,” Laws then boldly admits about “The Handmaid’s Tale’s” “Holly.” Despite only competing for the three orphaned episodes of its second season, which aired outside of last year’s eligibility window, the Hulu series managed to bag a whopping 11 bids, making it the second most nominated drama series of the year. “We already know the writers’ branch loves ‘Handmaid’s’,” I add, referring to its 2017 win for its pilot (“Offred”) and 2018 nomination for its season 2 premiere (“June”). Plus, I remind the panel that “the third season is airing right now.”

I also urge to keep a sharp lookout for odds-on favorite “Killing Eve,” which could ride the coattails of creator and former writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s star power, who received a nod for writing the show’s pilot (“Nice Face”) last year, but wasn’t part of Season 2’s writing staff. With many more nominations than for its first season, including one for Best Drama Series, the show seems well positioned to cash in some of its goodwill. Chow, on the other hand, thinks that the “consistent level of support” for “Better Call Saul,” which is competing for the season 4 finale “Winner,” “could help the show “slide into the winner’s circle in writing,” after having never won an Emmy. And finally, he is keeping hope alive for his personal favorite, “Bodyguard’s” opener “Episode 1.”

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