2020 Emmy predictions slugfest: Comedy supporting acting

Best Comedy Series front-runners “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” and “Schitt’s Creek” have enough formidable contenders between them to fill the Best Comedy Supporting Actor lineup and then some, as I discuss with fellow Gold Derby contributors Luca Giliberti and Kevin Jacobsen in our predictions slugfest on the two comedy supporting categories (watch the video above). We are all predicting “Schitt’s Creek” showrunner Daniel Levy to score his first nomination for acting against Tony Shalhoub of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” but vary in whether the reigning champion’s co-stars Sterling K. BrownLeroy McClain and Michael Zegen will go along for the ride (and possibly split the vote when it comes to voting for the winner). I also have Chris Elliott for “Schitt’s Creek” and we are keeping an eye on Noah Reid overcoming the snub that we are collectively predicting him to endure again.

I say as we move over to Best Comedy Supporting Actress, “I’ve got the three ‘Maisel’ women, the two ‘Schitt’ women and I have Kate McKinnon‘ for ‘SNL.’ How do you feel about Kate McKinnon hanging on for another year? Do you feel like there’s any possibility that the Emmys are going to move on?” The response was an easy “no” from both Giliberti and Jacobsen. The former reasons that “McKinnon is going to be that one that just holds onto that nomination forever,” with the latter adding, “Until she leaves the show.” Although this category has a default six nomination slots, the Emmys allow for up to eight nominees here if the vote is close. “We should expect this category to be eight nominees, since it has been for the last two years,” laughs Giliberti; this was also the case in 2015. I note about the top eight contenders according to Gold Derby’s combined odds, who are also the eight that our panel predicts in different combinations, “The top eight here is actually really set.”

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