2021 Critics Choice Awards predictions Editors slugfest

“Say what you will about them, but at least somebody had the good sense to finally nominate Spike Lee and Delroy Lindo after those Globe and SAG snubs,” argues Gold Derby Editor Zach Laws about the Critics Choice Awards nominations for film. They were announced on February 8 and included good news for ‘Da 5 Bloods,’ which had somewhat mixed results at the Golden Globes and SAG Awards last week. Laws discussed these nominees with fellow Editors Marcus James Dixon and Daniel Montgomery. Watch their slugfest above, or listen to the audio podcast version below.

“Da 5 Bloods” certainly did well with six nominations including Best Picture, but it wasn’t the biggest story of the morning. “For me, the really big takeaway from this list is how well ‘Minari’ performed,” says Laws. That underdog independent movie received 10 nominations, second only to “Mank” (12), so “I think we really have to start taking this movie seriously as a contender.” Dixon is certainly taking that to heart, and he was even before these nominations: “It is my prediction to win Best Picture at the Oscars and Best Director,” and this windfall certainly helps the film’s case.

Dixon also thinks “this ‘Mank’ thing is interesting. ‘Mank’ leads today. It was basically snubbed at the SAG Awards; it got one little nomination [for lead actor Gary Oldman]. But the Golden Globes loved it too. So it’s like a roller coaster.” Where that roller coaster stops remains an open question. Of these three awards groups, SAG is the only one that represents an industry peer group like the Oscars do, which may not be a good sign for the Netflix biopic. But as the Critics Choice Association prides itself on forecasting the Oscars, perhaps they’ve put their fingers on the pulse.

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