2022 DGA nominees roundtable: Dopesick, Hacks, Mare of Easttown, Station Eleven, Underground Railroad

When you’re shooting a film or series, how or when do you know that you have the perfect take? What film or series do you love, that has moved you and inspired you as an artist?

These were some of the questions answered by five top TV directors when they joined Gold Derby’s special “Meet the Experts” Q&A event with 2022 Directors Guild Awards nominees. Watch our full group roundtable chat above with Danny Strong (“Dopesick”), Lucia Aniello (“Hacks”), Craig Zobel (“Mare of Easttown”), Hiro Murai (“Station Eleven”) and Barry Jenkins (“The Underground Railroad”). Click on each name above to view each person’s individual one-on-one interview with our senior editor Rob Licuria.

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“I’m scared to answer that because I feel like I’m constantly feeling like I need another,” Zobel jokes about the anxiety of never truly knowing whether you have the best take when shooting a scene. “It’s never exactly what you thought, you know, you’re always just working towards something that feels right,” Jenkins interjects, noting that it is “not something that feels like what you assumed it would be.” Strong agrees, adding that “I’m not really looking for the best take, I’m just looking for a take that I think works, whether it feels right or honest, or I’m just trying to make the scene work at the end of the day.”

For Aniello, working in comedy often provides her with a way to gauge that a scene is firing on all cylinders before she is ready to move on tot he next scene. “If it’s a comedic moment and it elicits a laugh out of me, to get an actual out-loud laugh out of me means that I really genuinely think it’s funny, especially because I have written it like nine months earlier or something,” she reveals. “That is definitely a moment that allows me to be like, okay, we should move on,” she explains.

“I think I have a pretty good barometer for what feels honest and not honest,” Murai divulges. “It sounds like it’s a binary, but it’s kind of a green or red switch. If it’s red, I just keep kind of trying to play it around until it feels right to me and hope at the end of the day we have all the things we need to make a good story.”

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