3 Oscar Experts’ Predictions CLASH: Claudia Puig vs. Scott Mantz vs. Tom O’Neil

When you do an Oscars predictions video slugfest with some Gold Derby Experts, you get a bonus when featuring film critics (as opposed to regular film or entertainment journalists): they tell you what they think of a film in addition to its awards prospects! Ha! What fun! Watch the multi-faceted film discussion above with Claudia Puig (KPCC), Scott Mantz (Collider) and Tom O’Neil or listen to the audio podcast version below.

Claudia is currently predicting “Roma” to win Best Picture. “Never before has Netflix had a more award-worthy film,” she notes. “I see ‘Roma’ as a real litmus test of Netflix.” Will Hollywood ever consider a streaming service like a traditional film studio? Can new media win the town’s top prize?

Scott and Tom both pick “Green Book” to win. (See our Best Picture rankings here.) “The movie has depth,” he says. “It’s about so many things. When I think of what a film needs to be in order to win Oscar’s Best Picture, I realize this movie has a lot in its favor.”

“’Green Book’ is a really solid movie,” Claudia agrees, “but it’s predictable, formulaic. But I’d rather see ‘Green Book’ win Best Picture than ‘A Star Is Born’!”

Ouch! Neither one of these notable critics holds back criticism of the top contenders in our Oscars chat. But that’s what Hollywood expects of them as leaders of two important peer groups in town. Claudia is president of the Los Angeles Film Critics Association (LAFCA) and Scott is co-founder of the Los Angeles Online Film Critics Society (LAOFCS). Both groups will be voting on their award winners soon and may have impact on the Oscar derby.

Claudia notes that LAFCA likes to spotlight ”the one contender that isn’t necessarily on everyone’s radar, but is amazing. I’m not necessarily saying that we’ll do that this year — we’re voting on Dec. 9 — but there certainly is a strong sentiment for someone like Yalitza Aparicio or Olivia Colman, who is not necessarily a famous name.”

Check out our latest Oscars racetrack odds based upon combining the Oscar predictions of 30 Experts at Gold Derby. Disagree? Make your predictions here and compete against our Experts and Editors to prove that you are the smartest prognosticator on the planet!

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2 thoughts on “3 Oscar Experts’ Predictions CLASH: Claudia Puig vs. Scott Mantz vs. Tom O’Neil”

  1. I learned a lot here. I am a fan of A Star Is Born. I’ve seen it 5 times. I have never in my life seen a movie at the theater 5 times. I didn’t expect to love it like I did because I was a huge fan of the Streisand version. I thought Ga Ga was incredible. I think the music they wrote was extraordinary and tied to the movie beautifully. What I really liked was Bradley Cooper. He stretched himself and was so committed to this film, I just think he nailed it. His voice, his guitar playing. He lowered his voice by an octave to become more like Kris Kristopherson’s version with Streisand, he learned to play guitar like an expert. He wrote some of the music and he also directed and starred, which cannot be easy. The collaboration with Ga Ga was magic and I wanted them to be a couple after the fact. They were so believable. Cooper has been nominated before and has never won. It’s his time.

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