3 top Emmy experts battle over Best Drama Series: Will ‘Stranger Things,’ ‘The Crown’ or ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ win?

In the Emmy race for Best Drama Series we’re going to have a brand new winner, since two-time reigning champ “Game of Thrones” did not air within the eligibility period. Gold Derby’s Tom O’Neil is joined by Anne Thompson (Indiewire) and Pete Hammond (Deadline) to discuss the exciting category of Best Drama Series in our new video slugfest.

“I don’t think it’s clear,” admits Thompson. “I’m gonna go with ‘The Crown.’ I am totally, totally off-book. I’m going with class, quality across the board, and the fact that John Lithgow is leading his category. I’m gonna go with that, as the older demo is gonna vote for that.”

Hammond adds, “There’s five new series in there, and that’s never been done before, ever, so we’re in uncharted territory as far as the Emmys go. I, too, agree with Anne. I think ultimately if you go on the traditional kind of way the Emmys have voted in the past, it’s likely to be ‘The Crown.'”

While Thompson and Hammond both think “The Crown” will prove triumphant, O’Neil opts for sci-fi/horror drama “Stranger Things,” reminding everyone that it prevailed at the PGA and SAG Awards, two important precursors. The other five nominees are “This Is Us,” “The Handmaid’s Tale,” “Westworld,” “Better Call Saul” and “House of Cards.”

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