5 costume designers explain how the internet changed their jobs

For some of the top costume designers in television and film, one thing has changed their jobs dramatically over the last two decades: the internet.

“How it can enhance your work just daily, your resources and your research. That’s been such a major game-changer that plays in the background of it all,” costume designer Jennifer Bryan (“Genius: Aretha”) tells Gold Derby during the Meet the Experts: Costume Designers panel. “It’s such a huge leapfrog enhancement that didn’t exist at the beginning of our careers and now we just embrace them.”

“It’s so fascinating,” costume designer Signe Sejlund (“The Undoing”) adds. “The world has become really small in a sense and the fact you can source a dress or buy a dress from a woman in Hungary and you are in New York and you can ship the things, that’s amazing. To find those little pieces all over the world. Reach out to factories all over — maybe both the worst and the best.”

For Bryan and Sejlund, as well as Gabriele Binder (“The Queen’s Gambit”), Gersha Phillips (“Star Trek: Discovery”) and Jacqueline Durran (“Small Axe: Lovers Rock” and “Small Axe: Alex Wheatle”), becoming costume designers was not necessarily something they even knew was possible in their younger days.

“I had no idea that one could make a living. I used to think actors dressed themselves, way back when,” Bryan says, a sentiment shared by the others. “I stumbled across costume design as a career by a chance conversation with a friend after graduation. … I got on this movie as an intern and that was it. It was a whole new language but I gravitated to it and grasp it and got hooked.”

Click on each name above to watch that person’s individual panel interview. Watch our full panel above to hear everyone’s answers and more.

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