‘A Black Lady Sketch Show’ editing team interview

“The world of post-production; it’s not a very diverse space,” states “A Black Lady Sketch Show” editor Stephanie Filo. For our recent webchat, the Emmy winner adds, “It meant a lot to be representation in that way. But I think we shouldn’t have been the first all women of color team winning in 2021. Robin Thede (creator) always says we’re ‘A Black Lady Sketch Show,’ not ‘THE Black Lady Sketch Show.’ People can come after us and do it. We’re the first, but that’s in the hopes that there can be many more.” Watch our exclusive video interview with the editing team above.

The sketch show also stars Thede and has received its third straight Emmy nomination for Best Variety Sketch Series. It’s been renewed by HBO for a fourth season and is the first sketch show to have featured an all-Black women writer’s room and all-Black female cast.

Editor S. Robyn Wilson explains, “Robin takes inspiration from what she sees every day in the news, media, movies, or whatever. She brings that to the forte in each individual sketch. Everything from horror to family drama, all of the uniqueness about African-American culture, maybe African-American women, but in a broader spectrum out there in the world.”

Taylor Mason explains, “I can only hope that having eyes on this, will promote more diversity in the cutting room. With people seeing that our work is quality, if not more so than what a lot of people unfortunately think. It sucks that it has to kind of be proven in this way. Hopefully, after everything is said and done it’ll open the door for more colorful rooms.”

Bradinn French reflects, “I didn’t know this was an opportunity that was open to me when I was younger. It’s all of our hope that we can help be a step towards being more visible, especially in post-production. There’s a lot of young kids who are great storytellers and would be fantastic at this job. But they don’t see us. That’s a really beautiful opportunity that we’ve been given, and I hope that we can continue to push forward.”

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