Adam Conover Q&A: ‘Adam Ruins Everything’

There’s a lot of doom and gloom in the culture about the state of politics and threats to democracy at home and abroad. But at the end of the day Adam Conover (“Adam Ruins Everything”) says that, regardless of what state it’s in, “We’re going to have [a country], and it’s all of our responsibility to inform ourselves as much as possible so we can participate in that country. That’s what we try to do on the show.” “Adam Ruins Everything” started as a series of web shorts debunking popular myths and misconceptions, and now it’s a half-hour series on truTV. This summer it returns for its second season, and will be aiming for its first Emmy nomination for Best Informational Program. Watch our complete video chat with Conover above.

The series combines elements of education, sketch comedy, and situation comedy as Conover uses his extensive knowledge to disillusion his friends and family about subjects they thought they already understood, from marriage, to sex, to death, and even to entertainment awards. “The character is based on a younger version of myself,” Conover explains. “He wants to be liked very badly, and he gives people information compulsively because he thinks it’ll make them like him, but it pushes them away.”

However, Conover isn’t just a Debbie Downer. After “ruining” a subject he uses his powers for good by providing additional information that empowers instead of discouraging. That’s good because we’re in a political climate where we need as much empowerment as we can get. “We’re trying to do our part to continue informing people and encouraging them to ask questions and be critical of what they hear,” says Conover. “We’re trying to stand up for scholarly sources and responsible sources of information, and the idea that there is such a thing as truth and that you can know it and you can find it.”

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