Adam Scott Interview: ‘Big Little Lies’

“The ‘Big Little Lies set and the ‘Parks and Recreation’ set are more alike than you would think” confesses actor Adam Scott in his exclusive interview with Gold Derby (watch the video above). He continues, “On ‘Parks’ you were always trying to figure out the funniest route to take and we improved a bit. But that’s where the differences end. When you are collaborating with great people there are more similarities than differences.”

“Big Little Lies” returned for it’s second season this past fall on HBO to chronicle the lives of five women in Monterey. All of them were having to deal with the dramatic aftermath of the killing from season one. The series used these stories to explore the issues of infidelity, abuse and custody.

Scott plays Ed Mackenzie, the devoted husband of Madeline (Reese Witherspoon). The actor explains, “Going back for a second season of anything is always a blast. There was a level of comfort because we knew each other already. It feels like we are making a sequel. Growing up in the 80’s I loved sequels.” And what is Scott’s favorite 80’s sequel? He reveals, “’Temple of Doom.’ It might be my favorite movie. There has never been an equal to those action sequences.”

In the recent season Ed finds out about Madeline’s adultery, which puts their marriage in jeopardy. Scott explains, “Ed was always a bit of a beta. He’s there to make sure Madeline’s taken care of. She took advantage of that. This season he’s in the process of carving out an identity for himself outside of that relationship. When he finds out about this affair and confronts her for the first time it was a tough scene. What I loved is that David E. Kelley (the showrunner) brought in the heartbreak that his stepdaughter knew before him. It was embarrassing and sad. That’s part of what fuels his rage and confusion.”

Approaching these scenes as an actor he says, “you start thinking What would I do if this happened to me? How would that feel? These were things’ I’d never considered, because I would never think that would happen to me. Similarly that’s how Ed felt, which is why the betrayal was so complete and so deep.”

In the ensemble, Scott is surrounded by Oscar winners Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep and Laura Dern. He describes working with such decorated talent as “intimidating but something you get over pretty quickly. Even more than the awards they richly deserve it’s thrilling to watch them right in front of you. To watch them go from chatting on the side-lines to diving into a scene. Getting to see the magic trick of it is really fun. But they are really sweet, generous, cool, people. You wouldn’t know they have all of this hardware, as you say, sitting at home. There are no airs about them. In season one, I certainly knew I was working on something that was pretty monumental in getting all these women together”

On the prospects of a season three, Scott admits, “That’s certainly above my pay grade on this show. We would all be into it, but I can only speak for myself. Ed is still in the dark about a lot. If Ed is going to stick with this marriage, which it looks like he is, it is going to require a lot of strength.”

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