Adrian de Wet and Eve Fizzinoglia Interview: ‘See’ visual effects

“We had thousands upon thousands of eyes to adjust, which made it really hard,” visual effects supervisor Adrian de Wet says about the omnipresent visual effect in the post-apocalyptic drama “See,” which begins after humanity has been blind for six centuries. “Each person’s pupils had to be hand-tracked, hand-drawn over and the detail had to be preserved in each one of them,” adds visual effects producer Eve Fizzinoglia in their exclusive interview with Gold Derby (watch the video above) about the debut season of the Apple TV+ series starring Jason Momoa and Alfre Woodard. “Everyone was given a unique look because we preserved the eye color of everybody,” de Wet continues, noting that their task was amplified by the high resolution of the Alexa 65 cameras used and that they even had to replace filmed eyes with three-dimensional models in closer shots to avoid a parallax effect.

The couple and their team will contend at the Creative Arts Emmys in the Best Supporting Visual Effects category for the episode titled “Godflame” after reaping an equivalent nomination at the Visual Effects Society Awards a few months ago. “It has the most visual effects in and it has the most epic environments and landscapes,” de Wet explains about the selection of that debut episode as their showcase for submission from the first season, which contained 3,000 visual effects shots across its eight episodes. “It’s a traveling show, so we see the characters going to all these different environments and it was really exciting for us as visual effects people to get to do all these different-looking things,” Fizzinoglia adds before explaining that the first episode “really has the most variety of action sequences,” with de Wet identifying the avalanche that concludes the episode’s opening battle as “the hardest in terms of the actual shot design.”

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