Adrian Peng Correia Interview: ‘GLOW’ cinematographer

Adrian Peng Correia admits that taking over as cinematographer for the second season of “GLOW” was “an interesting conflict.” On the one hand, you have to “honor something that has already been done for the first season.” On the other hand, you have to “express yourself with camera in a different way.” Correia spoke about his work at Gold Derby’s Meet the Experts BTL panel, hosted by managing editor Chris Beachum. The event took place on Thursday, May 30, at the Landmark Theater in Los Angeles. Watch our exclusive video interview with Correia above.

Before assuming his duties on the Netflix series about a group of women working as professional wrestlers in the 1980s, Correia spoke with original DP Christian Sprenger to discuss “a few things that he would’ve liked to see continue on the show.” He also talked to creators Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch, who wanted him to “expand visually what goes on in the ring,” including more theatrical lighting and energetic steadicam operating.

Correia was interested in exploring “the upcoming conflict that these people have between their show lives and their real lives.” This came through especially in his Emmy episode submission, “Mother of All Matches,” in which Tamme “Welfare Queen” Dawson (Kia Stevens) and Debbie “Liberty Belle” Eagan (Betty Gilpin) face domestic problems on the day of their big match. “It represent the season to me,” he divulges, “because you have two women… who basically come to psychological breaking points with their professional lives.”

In addition to season two of “GLOW,” Correia has been busy with the new Hulu series “Ramy.” Other recent shows include “Small Miracles,” “Deadbeat,” “Nightcap,” “Play by Play” and the upcoming “American Princess.”

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