Alberto Iglesias interview: ‘Parallel Mothers’ composer

Three-time Oscar nominated composer Alberto Iglesias has a long history of collaborating with legendary Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar. “Parallel Mothers” starring Penélope Cruz is the duo’s 13th film together and their partnership is based on their “mutual admiration” for each other, says Iglesias. Watch the exclusive video interview above.

“I have great admiration for him,” Iglesias says of Almodóvar. “I think he’s really an incredible master. Each time we have been together working I receive a new energy. It’s easy to work with him. Of course, we also have difficult moments as in every relationship, but always resolved with something that makes the film better. I’m very happy to have this long connection and I hope this is not the last.”

The Sony Pictures Classics film is about a woman named Janis (Cruz) who gets pregnant during a fling with a forensic anthropologist named Arturo (Israel Elejalde). She then meets a young woman named Ana (Milena Smit) while in the hospital and the two form a bond after giving birth on the same day. “The film is showing the life cycle,” says Iglesias. “I started composing and I discovered three different lines.”

“One is the vital force and the birthing scene,” he explains. “Then there are the suspense motifs. The complexity of cords connected with harmonic areas. It reminds me of the classic American movies in the 40s, 50s, with this kind of complexity. Then there is other music that tries to be more hypnotical. I mixed all of these three branches.”

When Iglesias composes his music, he does not connect one theme with any particular character. Instead, he considers the music its own character within the film. “I think the music is the alpha of the film,” he laughs. “The connection with Janis is with music, but the theme is not for her. It comes from the story. The music comes into Janis’ bubble, into her space.”

Iglesias started his historic music career as a classical Spanish guitarist. “There was a moment that I discovered that I can think of music in my head,” he says. “That is a huge pleasure to think about music. Of course it was difficult to develop and to write. It was a progress. First I was performing and then I came to study harmony and discovered the great masters. It’s my passion.” Iglesias has been nominated for three Academy Awards for scoring “The Constant Gardner,” “The Kite Runner” and “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.”

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