Alexandra Fehrman interview: ‘The Boys’ sound re-recording artist

“We put a lot of work into ‘The Boys,’ as every sonic detail is heavily magnified on our stage,” reveals re-recording mixer, sound designer and supervising sound editor Alexandra Fehrman about her Emmy nomination for Best Sound Mixing for a Comedy or Drama Series (One Hour), the first of her career, which she shares with her colleagues Richard Weingart and Thomas Hayek. “To have this project be the one that is recognized for our hard work, it really feels great,” she says. Watch our exclusive video interview with Fehrman above.

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“The Boys” is writer/director Eric Kripke‘s subversive and wickedly satirical take on the superhero genre and corporate America’s obsession with wealth and power. A cautionary tale about celebrity worship, materialism, fame and greed, the series explores what happens when revered superheroes abuse their unlimited powers.

Its large ensemble includes stars Karl UrbanJack QuaidAntony StarrChace CrawfordErin MoriartyDominique McElligottJessie T. UsherLaz AlonsoTomer Capon and Karen Fukuhara, with Aya Cash and Claudia Doumit having joined the cast for season 2.

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The eight-episode sophomore edition of “The Boys” has scored five Emmy nominations (up from a single nomination last season), including for Best Drama Series, Best Drama Writing, Best Special Visual Effects, Best Music and Lyrics (for the tune “Never Truly Vanish”). The love from the TV academy tops off a great year for the show, which was a huge hit with fans and critics when it premiered in late 2020, scoring a staggering 97% at Rotten Tomatoes and more than doubling its audience from season 1 to become Amazon’s most successful show.

Fehrman acknowledges that a show like “The Boys” is the perfect showcase for a sound designer, particularly when the showrunner is as passionate about sound as she is. “He brings everything to the table,” she declares about working with Kripke. “He knows exactly what he’s looking for in the sound mix and he’s really pushed us to be the best mixers that we can be on stage, because the bar is constantly rising,” she says.

“We’re always trying to find ways to really be extremely detail-oriented, to make sure everything at every point is seen and heard,” Fehrman explains. “He wants things to be felt, he wants things to be gross. He’s very much a fan of sound so that’s what makes it really fun to work with him as well, because he has such such a specific vision.”

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