Ali Wentworth Interview: ‘Will and Grace’

“I’m a huge fan of ‘Will and Grace,’ so this was a dream come true,” exclaims Ali Wentworth about her scene-stealing turn on the final season of the NBC sitcom. The actress appeared in the season’s fourth episode as Dr. Saperstein, Grace’s (Debra Messing) gynecologist who is trying to soothe a pregnant and terrified Grace while dealing with her own marital issues. In our exclusive video interview (watch above) Wentworth talks about working with her close friend Messing and the show’s legacy as it goes off the air for the second time.

Appearing on “Will and Grace” was a rather stress-free experience for Wentworth. “In this particular situation, Debra Messing happens to be one of my best friends,” she explains. “So there was already a comfort level when I went in that I could sort of play and have fun.” One of the highlights of the episode for Wentworth involved her breaking down sobbing as she examines Grace. “I sort of like that she’s incredibly neurotic and has no boundaries, she says. It was just so much fun to play.”

Wentworth admits to being intimidated working with Emmy-winner James Burrows, who has directed all 246 of the show’s episodes. “For me, getting his approval was huge,” she says. “That, to me, was bigger than any accolades I could have gotten from anyone else. Even my own family!”

Wentworth, who is married to George Stephanopoulos, recalls being shocked by a moment when her husband was named in one of the show’s jokes. Wentworth, who was pregnant at the time, was watching the show with her three year old daughter when she heard the joke, which led to a particularly interesting conversation with her child. “It was one of those great moments in my life where I was watching the show I love, they used my husband as a joke and then my three year old had to have the joke explained to her,” she laughs. “I’ll never forget it.”

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