Alison Brie Interview: ‘GLOW’

“It’s so fun to play Zoya in the ring. I’ve never felt so exhilarated. Hearing 200 background artists booing me was the greatest feeling,” says Critics’ Choice Award nominee Alison Brie about her role in the Netflix comedy series “GLOW” as Ruth, a struggling actress-turned-professional wrestler who learns to embrace villainy in the ring when she creates her evil Soviet alter ego Zoya the Destroyer. “I think with Ruth I’ve been getting my hands dirty more than ever before in certain things that she’s done as a character and also playing the stuff in the ring. It does make me crave playing edgier characters.” Watch our exclusive video interview with Brie above.

Like her character, Brie was new to the world of pro wrestling when the show started, so she and the rest of the cast built their skills from the ground up. “We did about a month of training — four and a half weeks I’d say before we started shooting the first season,” Brie explains. The cast trained with Chavo Guerrero Jr., who is part of a pro wrestling dynasty. They started with the basics of taking a fall — back bumps are unexpectedly challenging — and they gradually added to their skill sets. It was important to series creators Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch that the actors be able to do much of their own stunt work “because so much that’s going on between the characters happens in the ring.”

The training also bonded the “GLOW” cast to each other. “Something about wrestling that is essential is nonverbal communication in the ring and the trust, really trusting your body in this other person’s hands in a very literal way,” says Brie. “I’ve never done sports in my life, so I’ve never been on a sports team. I’ve never felt this kind of camaraderie in a group where everybody is constantly building each other up … It’s our set. It’s the women’s set. It really belongs to us, and we take ownership of it and of the ring.”

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