Alyvia Alyn Lind Q&A: ‘Christmas of Many Colors’

“On the first movie, it was pretty hot. On the second movie, it was more about winter and we were all wearing big heavy winter coats and scarves, and we were DYING,” exclaims Alyvia Alyn Lind about shooting a second Dolly Parton-produced telefilm in Georgia this past summer. The NBC Christmas movie “Christmas of Many Colors” once again had Lind as the young Parton. In our recent webchat (watch above), she adds, “Many, many people passed out it was so hot. But it was fun, and they had cooling tents and a big RV for us.”

Following the smash success of “Coat of Many Colors” from the previous December, “Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love” was another big holiday hit for NBC a year later. The plot has Dolly’s father Lee (Ricky Schroder) away trying to earn enough money to buy his wife (Jennifer Nettles) a long-awaited wedding ring. The children decide to sacrifice their Christmas presents to bring him home and give him the money themselves. While waiting on Lee to return, the snowstorm trapped the family and almost killed them.

This time around, Parton played a guest role as “Painted Lady,” a local harlot who Dolly thinks is the most glamorous woman in the world and wants to grow up dressing like her with the make-up and hair. On working opposite her, Lind says, “She adds little Dolly-isms to the scene and improvises so much and makes the scene so much more real. She touches my shoulder and plays with my hair… It’s so much more fun working with her because she’s so nice and sweet.”

In addition to being on the primetime Emmy ballot this summer, Lind is already a Daytime Emmy nominee this month for “The Young and the Restless.” On the long-running CBS program, she plays Faith Newman and could become the youngest ever winner at age nine (watch her submission reel and read our analysis). In our chat, she discusses her reaction on the morning of the nominations and plans to attend the upcoming ceremony.

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