Amanda Seyfried interview: ‘Mank’

For her portrayal of actress Marion Davies in the 1930s-set film “Mank” on Netflix, Amanda Seyfried is earning raves like she never has before in two decades on screen. Her accolades in the past month include a Best Supporting Actress award from the Philadelphia Film Critics Circle and runner-up citations from the National Society of Film Critics and Los Angeles Film Critics Association.

“I’m always caught by surprise to receive another email about a nomination,” reveals Seyfried in her exclusive interview with Gold Derby (watch the video above) about acting in the black-and-white biopic. She continues, “I’ll take what I can get and I have to stop myself about getting too excited about it because at the end of day, I’ve been doing this for a long time and I haven’t ever had this on an actual singular performance of mine and that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying my career.”

Grateful to be “riding the wave,” Seyfried reflects, “It’s nice to talk about something that meant a lot to me and it’s nice to talk about something that I feel has elevated me as an actor because I swear I was lazy. I have been lazy at times and the fact that this is just a moment I can about ‘Mank’ and Marion and have people want to ask me questions about it and want to hear my answers. That hasn’t happened before and I’ll take it because who knows if it will happen again?”

Seyfried credits her director David Fincher, the flashiness of the role and the inherent appeal of the Hollywood subject matter to her industry peers. “That part was right for this kind of attention,” says Seyfried before adding, “And I was up for the challenge.”

The case could be made that her ascension to such individual recognition is a progression of work that she did in 2017 when she starred in Paul Shrader‘s Oscar-nominated drama “First Reformed” and recurred in the Emmy-nominated revival of “Twin Peaks” under David Lynch. Seyfried qualifies, “That was a year I got to coincidentally work with two of the best directors of all time and I didn’t really see that as a turning point — I had a kid. My perspective changed a little bit. I stepped back a little bit in 2017 in general, stepped back and looked at my whole life instead of just my career.”

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