Amy Landecker Q&A: ‘Transparent’

“I think she deeply loves the people in her life,” says Amy Landecker about her character, Sarah Pfefferman, on Amazon’s Emmy-winning comedy “Transparent,” which premiered its critically-acclaimed third season last September. “It’s the perfect kind of thing about family and intimacy where you might screw it all up, but at the core of it she would do anything for all of them.” Watch our exclusive video interview with Landecker above.

Landecker sums up what her character really wants: “I think she wishes she could stay married and be sexually fulfilled,” the actress explains, “and she could be a mom, and feel excitement … I think she wants to feel all of it.” Landecker argues that Maura’s (Jeffrey Tambor) coming out as transgender has caused Sarah to make radical choices because she realizes that life is short and she wants to figure out how to be happy. So each season has seen Sarah explore different parts of herself.

In season three that took the form of Sarah exploring her interest in BDSM. Landecker talks about the challenges of filming some of the more intense scenes between Sarah and her dominatrix, Pony (Jiz Lee). She credits series creator Jill Soloway with creating an environment where she felt safe. It is thanks to Soloway’s ability to cast actors who are open to creativity and exploring complicated emotions. “Each year we get someone who comes on the show and they just seem to blend in perfectly with this vibe of freedom and play,” says Landecker. Soloway engenders a communal feeling among all departments: actors, extras, crew and cinematographers, all of whom feel involved in the emotional aspects of the series.

Landecker also discusses her experiences with “Transparent” at the Emmy Awards and Golden Globes, her role in Joel and Ethan Coen‘s “A Serious Man,” and her voice work on Netflix’s animated series “Trollhunters,” which won six Daytime Emmy Awards just two weeks ago. More than anything, Landecker hopes that “Transparent” continues to succeed on the awards stage to help boost the show’s profile. As Landecker says, “We need [‘Transparent’] now more than ever.”

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