Amy Landecker Q&A: ‘Transparent’

“It’s a comedy. As Larry David says, they should never learn anything because it’s not funny,” actress Amy Landecker says in defense of her “Transparent” character, the adulterous Sarah Pfefferman, during our recent webcam chat. She adds, “I think the more fascinating people in the world tend to do some really complicated things.”

She credits “Louie” as paving the way for “Transparent” creator Jill Solloway to tell a story with a singular honest voice about “a character that inspires compassion despite his obvious issues.” Landecker is also grateful to Louis C.K. on a more personal level as both she and Gaby Hoffman, who plays her sister, were cast on “Transparent” after guest spots on “Louie”.

For Landecker, “the idea of making a comedy that is also very dramatic and has a lot of pathos is something that he really does beautifully and so I think that’s why he inspires her so much. And I’m very lucky that I was on that show and that he gave me such a lovely recommendation when she reached out and asked about me because I’ve never been given this much to do, so I feel really fortunate.”

“Transparent” has been a major awards player already this season and Landecker attended the recent Critics’ Choice Television Awards when the show was up for Best Comedy Series. She recaps, “We lost to ‘Silicon Valley’ (shocking). We were shocked. Everyone was drunk enough at that point that it was okay – not me, but everyone else. I ate a ton of chocolate and then crashed. It was a good time.” 

If she is nominated for Best Comedy Supporting Actress at the Emmys, she says she might submit the second episode, “The Letting Go”, because of the scene in which she is riding in a car after her father (Jeffrey Tambor) has come out to her as transgender. “I felt like I was able to portray a very complex reaction with hardly any words,” she says and adds, “When I saw the series, that felt the most honest to me. I felt like that there was just this mixture of sadness, joy, excitement, loss — like I felt like it all kind of happened.” 

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