Ana Fabrega Interview: ‘Los Espookys’

“We don’t really have any rules for the world that the characters live in and I like it like that,” Ana Fabrega tells Gold Derby in her exclusive interview about “Los Espookys,” on which she serves as co-showrunner, co-executive producer and co-writer of every episode in addition to acting in it opposite fellow co-creators Fred Armisen and Julio Torres. The primarily-Spanish-language comedy blends the allusion of horror with supernatural elements, to which Fabrega explains, “Anything really can happen and there are no boundaries in place and no rules that we set up really. We like that things happen and they just happen and don’t need to be explained.” She reveals that when Armisen successfully pitched the show to HBO, “There wasn’t any element of the supernatural or anything magical and once we started writing the pilot, that started to gradually change.”

“The Sea Monster” is the episode that Fabrega and Torres are submitting to the Emmys for Best Comedy Writing consideration. “We chose that one because it had so many different elements,” she explains before elaborating, “It had a lot of moving parts and we really liked that episode.” That third episode of the show sees Fabrega’s character Tati dress up as a sea monster as a ploy to encourage tourism; it uncharacteristically does not feature her signature odd jobs. Fabrega names breaking in others’ shoes as her favorite of these from the first season and reveals the odd job that did not make it into the show. “I wanted Tati to be someone that waits for the water when someone is taking a shower,” she laughs. “That didn’t make it in, but maybe in another season.”

Fabrega teases about the second season, “It’s the same sort of fun gigs and fun characters that get featured.” It got “halfway through production” earlier in 2020, with Fabrega and Torres set to make their directorial debuts with the closing two installments of the six-episode order. “We finished writing the second season back in December,” she says before adding that the story will pick up with “the drama that we left off in the finale with Tati being married and Andres out of the house.”

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