Angela Bassett Q&A: ‘Whitney’ and ‘AHS: Freak Show’

"If the script is good and I could find some worthy telling of that story, I'm gonna do it. Even though I'm scared to do it. Even though it's something I've never done before," reveals Angela Bassett during our recent video chat (watch below) about making her directing debut with the Lifetime original movie "Whitney."

The telefilm tell the story of legendary singer Whitney Houston and her relationship with Bobby Brown. What were some of the biggest surprises for Bassett when she stepped behind the camera for the first time? "I came to love editing. Love it. I thought I would be bore to tears, that it would be too technical. You know, 12-14 hours, eat your sandwich on your lap and let's keep going."

"Crowd scenes" were difficult, she admits. "Trying to make a crowd of 10,000 out of 150 people. That's a challenge. Trying to keep your 150 hanging in there with you, all day and all night. But, you know, I appreciated them and let them know it is no story without you. It can't be just these two people."

Bassett details how she came to cast Yaya DaCosta in the starring role and Arlen Escarpeta as Bobby, and she explains why she resisted the urge to cast herself in the movie.

As for her co-starring role on "American Horror Story," what does Bassett make of the show losing powerhouse Jessica Lange? "She will definitely be missed. She was phenomenal to work with. I mean, all that she possesses, her well of emotion, how she gets it done. It was just marvelous to watch and to bear witness to. But we still got Kathy [Bates]!"

Bassett also talks about her return to the franchise for Season 5, dubbed "American Horror Story: Hotel," saying that she's heard rumors it might be taking place during the Civil War.

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