Anna Chlumsky Q&A: ‘Veep’

Anna Chlumsky must be hoping that third time is the charm at the Emmys as she contends again for Best Comedy Supporting Actress for her work on “Veep.” As she told us during our recent webcam chat, she has submitted the ‘Convention’ episode to Emmy voters as it showcases a pivotal moment for her character, Chief of Staff Amy Brookheimer.  In this fifth episode of the season, Amy confronts President Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) over an issue, a screaming match ensues and she eventually quits.

Chlumsky explains her choice thus: "On a personal level, I know that that confrontation was deeply personal for Amy. She has put with a lot from Selina. So it was going to be a very careful and well thought out moment and series of events that would lead up to her actually leaving. It was the absolute brink for Amy.”

Regarding play the scene, the actress admits, “If I had pulled back and thought of it as screaming at Julia, I wouldn’t have done as good a job; I probably would have shrunk back like a shrinking violet. I don’t have to scream at her, she’s a lovely person and she’s a lovely boss.”

And reflecting on the possibility of "Veep" taking home Best Comedy Series after three losses, she says, “to win, would do the same thing that the nominations do; it’s just a vast amount of encouragement to continue to make good television. We certainly would accept that encouragement, very happily.”

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