Anna Gunn Q&A: ‘Breaking Bad’

"I thought [the finale] was perfect, I really did," Anna Gunn told us during a recent webchat when asked about the last episode of "Breaking Bad."

As she explained, "I thought that the way every single storyline wrapped up was perfect. And some of them were so sad. I really felt like for Marie [Betsy Brandt] and Skyler, their storylines were really pretty heartbreaking because there was so much damage done to them. But I also had this feeling that they would find their way back to each other as sisters. They had pretty strong inner cores. And that they would maybe find a way to make it work out and they would take the kids off and go to an island somewhere — this was like a fantasy I was creating."

Perhaps we might see Skyler and Marie reunite on Bob Odenkirk's upcoming spin-off series "Better Call Saul"? "We would love that! We would love to come on there and actually do a musical number, or anything. I'm sure Bob would not like us to do a musical number on his show, but I'd love to do anything on that show. I don't know that [Saul and Skyler] met before, because I think it's a prequel. But you never know, maybe Skyler had a hit and run at some point that was never revealed, so anything could happen."

The defending Drama Supporting Actress champ is leaning toward submitting "Ozymandias" to Emmy judges for consideration. "I just think it was so extraordinarily written and directed and it just had everything. It was the culmination I think of everything that Skyler had to go through. It was just a beautiful episode all around."

She also relived the excitement of winning her first Emmy last year and revealed the advice co-star Bryan Cranston gave her before she went up to accept her trophy.

Switching gears to her next project, Gunn teased us on "Gracepoint," Fox's upcoming adaptation of the popular BBC miniseries "Broadchurch." What attracted her most to Detective Ellie Miller? "I felt like the character had a lot of layers to her. She's a detective, she's a mom, she's a tremendously ethical, good person through and through, she's frenetic and she's trying to make it all work because she's really spread thin. But she's got this core of optimism and she believes in the goodness of people."

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