Anne Heche Q&A: ‘Dig’

What impressed Anne Heche most about USA Network's limited series "Dig" was how "truly ambitious" it was — a massive production focusing on tales of murder, conspiracy and intrigue in the fields of archeology, politics and religion.

Throughout the mayhem it was her job to make sense of it all as Lynn Monahan, Special Agent in Charge at the FBI. Now, as its lead female star, she sizes up "Dig" in retrospect. "If you name one kind of concept in the world that someone wants to literally 'dig' into, they just put them all together," she says in her webcam chat with Tom O'Neil. "It's one big telethon, all of that. That's of course what was appealing and also kind of astounding that they stuck with it for so long, for USA and also obviously Tim Kring and Gideon Raff, the creators."

"It took a year to shoot 10 episodes," she reveals. However, she didn't want to know what was coming up in the scripts. "My character is at the head of the FBI in Israel and I didn't want to know [anything else] because it's really difficult for me to hide if I know that somebody's a bad guy and I'm supposed to pretend they're a good guy. So I literally did ask them to not share the secrets with me."

Regarding her character's on-screen chemistry with Jason Isaacs' Agent Peter Connelly, Heche explains, "When I first met with Gideon and Tim … they really wanted to talk about this relationship as a kind of non-romantic relationship, but a relationship that was rooted in friendship. And perhaps, could we have an adult relationship that was convenient for both of them sexually, but not necessarily romantically? And I think everyone kind of wanted to try to pull that off."

Also in our chat, Heche tells us what it was like shooting in Jerusalem and how the conflict in Gaza affected the production schedule and forced them to move to Croatia. She also reflects on the show's many religious themes and recalls her 2004 Emmy nomination for the Lifetime movie "Gracie's Choice."

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