Anthony Carrigan Interview: ‘Barry’

“I really have a fondness for his innocence and his sweetness and his excitability about being in America,” admits Anthony Carrigan in our exclusive webcam interview (watch the video above). In HBO’s “Barry,” Carrigan stars alongside “Saturday Night Live” alum Bill Hader as mobster NoHo Hank, a bald, tattooed Chechen thug with a heart of gold and a penchant for American pop culture.

“One of the challenges is to essentially keep these characters grounded in reality while also making them quite colorful and playful,” the actor reveals. “It’s not easy creating these characters that are juxtaposed with having a sunny disposition while also being a mobster who can torture people… it’s not an easy thing to pull off, but it’s definitely all in the script.”

In “Barry,” Carrigan plays Hank as a flamboyant and weirdly joyful henchman, and reveals that in many of his scenes with leading man Hader, the two actors would aim to outdo each other by making the other laugh as much as possible. “It is so hard to keep a straight face because he is the funniest,” Carrigan says when talking about the fun that Hader brings to the set. “I just try to make him laugh more than he makes me laugh. It’s the best way to create a comedy,” he adds. “We really enjoyed lifting things off the page and becoming these characters.”

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