Anthony Mackie interview: ‘Solos’

“It was a hell of a beast,” admits Anthony Mackie about his episode of the science fiction anthology “Solos.” Mackie is its sole actor, playing both the characters Edward and Tom. He continues in his exclusive interview with Gold Derby about the episode titled “Tom” of the new miniseries for Amazon (watch the video above), “This was impossible because it was 30 pages of two dudes talking and I mean monologues, so what I did was I really focused on the emotional through line and I tried to learn the entire script like it was a monologue, then I went through and broke it up. ”

The format of “Solos” makes each of its half-hour installments an acting masterclass and Mackie is best in show. The actor laughs about what he learned from delivering this dual performance, “I still got it!” He contends for this summer’s Emmy Awards in the Best Movie/Limited Supporting Actor category for this work; Mackie will also be on the Best Drama Actor ballot for his eponymous lead role in Marvel’s “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.”

He explains about how this project for Amazon Prime Video reinvigorated him, “I’m 21 years in. I got nervous by the idea of becoming complacent with the business. It’s like, ‘Hey, you’re an Avenger. You can show up, say your lines and go to Jamaica for a week!’ You get to a point where the work isn’t as fun or it isn’t as important as the press and the recognition or Instagram and I’ve been trying to get back to the point of being aware of who Anthony Mackie was when he first got in the business.” Mackie reveals, “When I read this, it intimidated the shit out of me. I was nervous about this role and I took it because of the overwhelming opportunity to fail.”

Showrunner David Weil created “Solos,” which is his directorial debut. Mackie’s episode is the only of the series’ seven that Weil both scripted and directed. Mackie recounts about the material, “When I got the call, I read it and I was dumbfounded by the level of humanity that he had wrote into this character. I was really blown away by the honesty of this human being that was on the page. I wanted to do it.” He says about how he distinguished his dueling parts, “When it comes to acting, you have to play your objectives.”

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