Asa Butterfield Interview: ‘Sex Education’

“I’ve only read one episode and it did not go the direction I thought it would,” lead actor Asa Butterfield teases about the third season of “Sex Education” in an exclusive interview with Gold Derby (watch the video above). The second season, which released in January, begins with a montage of his teenage character Otis Milburn masturbating. He remembers about discovering this in the script by showrunner Laurie Nunn, “I’m super excited, I open Episode 1, start reading and I’m like, ‘Oh, god’.” Butterfield quips, “It is ridiculous; my job is ridiculous at times.”

“Sex Education” was not nominated at the Emmys last year, when it competed as a drama because the academy rejected Netflix’s comedy submission. Butterfield recounts his reaction to the decision, “When we read this script, I was laughing so much, I couldn’t not see it as a comedy, so it was surprising and for us (and I spoke with Laurie about this then), the only reason the drama works so well is because we’re able to laugh and have those moments where we take down our boundaries and really connect with these characters and have our spirits lifted.” The Emmys accepted the appeal for the second season, so Butterfield contends now for Best Comedy Actor. He explains about why he favors the season’s sixth episode, in which Otis throws a party, as his submission for judging consideration if nominated, “I do really enjoy playing those comedic moments and that party scene was a real chance to flex those muscles, whilst also doing something quite different in terms of character and Otis’ character. It’s a side we haven’t seen to him and to just have fun with that and go through it, it was great.”

Butterfield more recently led the “Grey Cloud Island” episodes of the horror anthology “50 States of Fright,” for which he will not contend at the Emmys because there is no award for actors who appear in only three episodes of a short form series. He says about his Minnesota-set episodes that average eight minutes on the new Quibi streaming service, “To be able to shoot that whole story in about five days was unimaginable for me, coming from feature films where you spend three months on something like that, so it was cool ⁠— a very different filming experience.”

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