Aziz Ansari Q&A: ‘Parks and Recreation’

"If subject matter is making me emotional, there's something there," Aziz Ansari tells Gold Derby's Tom O'Neil about how he goes about crafting jokes for his popular stand-up routines. "So whether that's anger or empathy or whatever it is, if it's giving you a strong emotion, that's good to key in on."

The "Parks and Recreation" star is way overdue for some Emmy love, having just completed a seven-year run on the NBC comedy as Best Comedy Supporting Actor. And for his new Netflix comedy special, "Aziz Ansari Live at Madison Square Garden," he'll also be on the Emmy ballot this year for Best Variety Special.

So, how was Ansari able to pack Madison Square Garden with 12,000 screaming fans? He admits to Gold Derby that it was a risk to book such a large venue, but adds, "You know, I've been touring for a while now and I put out multiple specials and I just got to a certain point where I realized, I'm selling this many tickets, I think I can sell out the Garden. And so we did."

"If you're a comedian, you're tapping into a shared experience that people have," he says about connecting with fans. "You're just commenting on a way that resonates with them and that's why people laugh."

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