Bellamy Young Q&A: ‘Scandal’

This past year has been “seismic!” Bellamy Young proclaimed, when asked to relive her favourite moments from season three of ABC’s hit sudser “Scandal.” Fresh off a Critics Choice TV Award nomination for Best Drama Supporting Actress for her role as First Lady Mellie Grant, she beamed when asked about the feedback she has received for her breakout performance this past season. And she relived many of her highlights during our candid webcam chat (watch below). 

She loved that moment from midseason when the First Lady lets the President have it with a slap across the face. “It was three years in the coming. When it came time to film his coverage, you’ve really got to lay one on him then, and then I got really nervous and Tony’s saying, ‘it’s all good, c’mon…” and so it finally happened. But I can tell you, that’s just Bellamy being nervous to hit Tony Goldwyn. Mellie was all kinds of ready to hit Fitz! All colours of ready to hit Fitz!”

Her favourite episodes of the season were “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie” and the season finale, “The Price of Free and Fair Election.”

In the former, which she says is likely to be her episode submission if she reaps an Emmy bid, we flashed back to Mellie and Fitz as newlyweds and political newcomers. We learned more about the driven First Lady by witnessing her shocking rape at the hands of her controlling father-in-law and the emotional torture inflicted by her philandering husband.

As for the explosive and devastating season finale when plotlines from the season culminated in one shock after another, Young says her character’s pivotal moment happened during the penultimate bombshell — the unexpected death by poisoning of the President and First Lady’s son Jerry. Her challenge as an actress was to make sure her character's grief came across as real as possible. “I have lost a lot of people in my life. death and I, we get along. And that’s where I went. … And I can never think of a horror greater than burying your child.”

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