Bellamy Young Q&A: ‘Scandal’

Is Bellamy Young, who plays first lady Mellie Grant, prepared to have the phrase "Smelly Mellie" follow her around for years to come? "Anything to do with Mellie, I am very, very proud to be associated with, ad infinitum," she says in our recent video chat. "It's just been one of the greatest blessings of my life, this role."

"I could never have dreamed of a journey so challenging and rewarding and so safe, but terrifying," Young continues. "It's just really actor heaven. Especially this year. This year for Mellie was incredible."

Her character started out the season by grieving over the loss of her son, which gave the actress some of her most memorable scenes to play. "Shonda Rhimes writes very complicated, very messy people — especially women — and for Mellie to get to go through that really different kind of grief, it just felt really honest."

Now that Mellie is the new Senator of Virgina, might she be in line to become the first female president of the United States in "Scandal"? "Mellie would have a really unpredictable administration," Young notes. "And inspiring. I still think Mellie has great leadership inside of her. She's very adaptable — I've watched her grow and change this year in ways that I could never have imagined her capable of. But she's still very able to submit to the whims of her emotion now and again. So, I think it would be a real ride."

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