Ben Feldman Interview: ‘Superstore’

“What better American microcosm to tell stories than a store like this?,” asks Ben Feldman about how NBC’s “Superstore” provides opportunities for comedy to mine issues than people face every day. Watch our full exclusive video interview with him above. He adds, “It kills me we’re not telling the story of what’s happening in real life today. Between when we wrapped and now, the people we’ve been playing on TV are heroes. I’m sitting in my basement talking to you on my couch. The people we’re playing are on the front lines. It’s hard for me not to view the world through a ‘Superstore’ lens at this time.”

In its fifth season, “Superstore” is a workplace comedy set at the ‘Cloud 9’ big-box retail store. Feldman plays Jonah, a level headed sales associate. This season he gets involved in working with other staff to unionize. The actor explains, “this season Jonah wanted to stand up for things. He cares about employees rights and he wants to take on the system. That’s been his growth this season. We are not cramming ideology down anybody’s throats. These are things that normal Americans are talking about all the time. It airs and people think we took a risk. Not really, we are mirroring real life. It’s bananas to me that more shows aren’t like this. When you are five seasons into a show it’s important to be talking about something that’s important to people.”

Five seasons in, Feldman reveals the cast is close as ever. “I’ve been in a lot of casts. This is the first where there isn’t something rotten. Everybody brings a unique point of view and is tremendously funny and smart. No one is the bad egg, unless it’s me. We go on trips together on our own volition. We just went to new Orleans for Halloween. We hung with vampires, did weird tours and went to Jennifer Coolidge’s crazy Halloween party. We go out to dinner all the time. We did a zoom check in the other day. It’s a family in a nice way. Not a way that normal actors lie and say they have on their respective sets.”

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