Ben Schwartz Q&A: ‘The Earliest Show’

“Growing up I didn’t think I could do any of this stuff,” reflects Ben Schwartz on his first acting Emmy nomination for “The Earliest Show” (watch the exclusive interview above). He adds, “My mom was a school teacher and my dad was a social worker. we didn’t know anyone who acted or wrote professionally. To possibly win an award for something we watched all time at the home, it’s bananas! This one especially because I said to Lauren Lapkus, ‘You go nuts and I go nuts.’ Together we created this thing. And I was involved with every part. While I shot a bunch of movies, I’d Facetime with the editor and he would point his camera to his edit-screen and we would edit for hours that way. I had my finger in every part of this.”

On “The Earliest Show” Schwartz plays the bubbly morning show host Josh Bath alongside Lapkus. He reveals, “My girlfriend breaks up with my character at the beginning of the first episode live on air. I wanted him to go insane as he went through all the stages of grief. One of the biggest things I wanted to do was go bananas. I wanted to play a character that has six different versions of himself throughout the entire thing. And all the time when I’m going crazy, Lauren has to act like the happiest person in the universe, because that’s the morning show vibe.”

On making the show, Schwartz drew from his years of improv with the ‘Upright Citizen’s Brigade’ in collaboratively constructing the comedy. “You get a group of fun people together and have fun experimenting. People can pitch in and the funniest idea wins.”

Schwartz has previously won an Emmy for co-writing Hugh Jackman‘s opening musical number at the 2009 Oscars. This year he is nominated at the Creative Arts Emmys for Best Short Form Comedy or Drama Series Actor. Lapkus is nominated in the Actress race. Check out our full interview above for more about his work on “The Earliest Show” as well as his role in the new “Duck Tales.”

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