Benjamin Caron Interview: ‘The Crown’ director

“Season four is the best season we’ve done,” reveals Benjamin Caron about “The Crown” on Netflix. “It’s going to be coming out very soon and it’s very exciting, so watch out,” teases the director and executive producer in his exclusive interview with Gold Derby about the historical drama written by Peter Morgan (watch the video above).

Caron explains, “Looking over the entire season, we’ve got some amazing stories. We’ve got two explosive characters coming on screen: We’ve got Margaret Thatcher played by Gillian Anderson; we’ve got Princess Diana played by Emma Corrin. I’m excited by what people are about to witness. Peter’s writing is the best it’s been. You are now familiar with this cast — from season four, it’s like welcoming back old friends. The story of Charles and Diana is the greatest love story of the 21st century. Gillian as Margaret Thatcher and her relationship with Elizabeth is electrifying, so I’m secretly quite confident that it’s going to be amazing.”

The last guest director to be hired onto the first season, Caron has gone on to become the only director who has directed on all four seasons. With a leading count of 11 episodes across the four, he has evolved the look from original directors Stephen Daldry and Philip Martin, with the former’s episodes having opened the series, but the latter’s having filmed first. “Philip Martin has quite an austere presentation of his directing on screen; Stephen Daldry is quite flamboyant and jazz-like with his directing,” explains Caron, although he cannot articulate his own style.

A three-time BAFTA Award nominee, Caron is now nominated for his first two Emmys for his work on the third season. He is credited on its Best Drama Series nomination for the first time; Best Drama Directing cites him for the “Aberfan” episode, the story of which he smiles has “many, many lessons.” Caron reflects, “It’s my best work — hands-down the best piece of directing I’ve ever done in my career. It stands alone and I’m most proud of it.”

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