Best Actress Oscar slugfest: Editors debate ‘exciting’ battle between Lady Gaga, Glenn Close, Olivia Colman

“It does seem like Best Actress this year is one of the most exciting — if not the exciting — races to watch,” declares Gold Derby’s Marcus James Dixon in our latest editors’ slugfest with Chris BeachumDaniel Montgomery and Joyce Eng. “Anything can happen in terms of nominations,” he continues, “and then just wait till Oscar night to see who actually wins. It’ll be huge.” Watch our Oscar battle above.

“Right now I’ve got Glenn Close,” Montgomery readily admits about the star of “The Wife.” “I think I switched to Lady Gaga [‘A Star Is Born‘] at one point and then I switched back to Glenn Close. I’m kind of going back and forth on that. I think we’ll see the critics’ awards probably go to maybe some combination of Glenn Close or Olivia Colman [‘The Favourite’] or Yalitza Aparicio [‘Roma’].” He adds that the Golden Globes’ choice will likely be Lady Gaga, while the SAG Awards will vote for Close.

Eng chimes in, “I started with Glenn. I still have Glenn. I’ve been tempted to change to Lady Gaga and Olivia after she announced her lead placement, but until we see some precursors and critics, I’m gonna go with Glenn for now.” Even though Close’s role isn’t as over-the-top as her competition, Eng adds, “She has the performance [and] she’s great in it. She could end up being the only nominee for her film, but she is really overdue and I feel like she and her team needs to ride that narrative that she’s lost six times.”

Beachum adds that Close’s overdue aspect could really take hold in the coming months. “We’ve seen narratives work for people over the years in various Emmys and Oscars, especially. Narratives can work and I think that’s going to help her.” He reminds us that Lady Gaga’s only negatives are that she’s a “first-time acting performance in a feature film” and that “I can definitely see people giving her an Oscar for Best Song, which lets them off the hook in their minds” for Best Actress.

Dixon also warns pundits not to forget about Viola Davis, saying, “This ‘Widows’ role gives her everything: action and emotion and sex appeal. She’s got it all.” Other top contenders include Melissa McCarthy (“Can You Ever Forgive Me?”), Toni Collette (“Hereditary”), Julia Roberts (“Ben Is Back”), Nicole Kidman (“Destroyer”), Saoirse Ronan (“Mary Queen of Scots”) and Emily Blunt (“Mary Poppins Returns”). See Oscar odds and rankings.

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