Best Supporting Actress Oscar slugfest: Regina King vs. Natalie Portman?

Regina King, you’re not fooling me again!” Gold Derby’s Chris Beachum announces during our Best Supporting Actress Oscar slugfest, referring to how she beat the odds three times to prevail at the Emmys. Marcus James Dixon and Joyce Eng also have King in their #1 positions for “If Beale Street Could Talk,” but is she really a lock to win her first-ever Academy Award? Watch our Oscar battle above.

“This is a very, very exciting race. We don’t really know what’s going to happen yet,” Dixon begins. As for King’s impactful presence in the film, he argues, “When she’s not on screen in ‘Beale Street,’ I’m like, bring back Regina. Where is Regina? I want more Regina King. Now I think people are on this pattern of, okay, if Regina’s up for an award, we need to predict her because she is so beloved in the industry. Not just TV, but film I think we’re gonna see coming up.”

Beachum makes waves by declaring that his second-place choice is Natalie Portman (“Vox Lux”). “She’s something else in this movie. She’s explosive, she’s funny,” he says before comparing her to last year’s winner Allison Janney (“I, Tonya”). “Not that she’s evil in that way, just that she’s over-the-top, stomping her feet and getting on peoples’ backs. If you’ve seen these photos she’s got these really interesting costumes, makeup. I’ve got her winning at the Globes.”

Will “The Favourite” manage to earn nominations for both Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz? “I have both of them getting in,” Eng states. “Rachel was actually my favorite of all three of them [including lead Olivia Colman] and she hasn’t been back since she won so I hope she makes it back. This is like a great post-win role for [Emma]. She was filming this while she was campaigning for ‘La La Land,’ so I think this is exactly the type of afterglow nomination they would like to give her.”

Some of the other top contenders to earn Best Supporting Actress Oscar nominations are Amy Adams (“Vice”), Claire Foy (“First Man”), Nicole Kidman (“Boy Erased”), Margot Robbie (“Mary Queen of Scots”), Michelle Yeoh (“Crazy Rich Asians”), Marina de Tavira (“Roma”), Linda Cardellini (“Green Book”) and Sissy Spacek (“The Old Man and the Gun”). See more Oscar odds and rankings.

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