Bob Odenkirk Q&A: ‘Better Call Saul’

“I’m gonna say one or two more seasons,” reveals Bob Odenkirk as he speculates how much longer “Better Call Saul” could run on AMC. In our recent webchat (watch the exclusive video above), he doesn’t “think we have too much longer” with the series that has reaped him two Emmy nominations for Best Drama Actor. He has also received two Best Drama Series bids as one of the program’s producers.

The prequel show chronicles the descent of Odenkirk’s struggling attorney Jimmy McGill into the unscrupulous criminal lawyer Saul Goodman from “Breaking Bad.” Odenkirk explains this progression: “Saul’s math is very simple. Does it benefit me? Jimmy isn’t there yet. He still cares about Kim (Rhea Seehorn) and still has this tiniest thread of hope for his brother. But when that shit’s gone and he’s cut himself off from every person he loves, that’s when he’ll be Saul. Saul is really on his own.”

He says “while Jimmy’s brother is alive there’s still a chance they could reconnect.” But Odenkirk claims that the hurt Chuck (Michael McKean) has caused Jimmy is at the heart of his decent: “There are numerous lessons you can take from any bad experience. Jimmy does a common thing for human beings. He learns the wrong lessons. He learns not to ever care, trust or think about anyone else. That’s what he carries over into becoming Saul. That carries over into the third season. You haven’t seen all of the third season but it gets worse; and as far as I’m concerned you will see Saul. He just doesn’t have the clothing yet. But the journey is nearly complete.”

Odenkirk still thinks that “once he becomes Saul there’s more story to tell. The first time you see him in ‘Breaking Bad’ he mentions Lalo and asks about Ignacio. I want to understand what that jibber jabber is about. I want to know what went down with those guys. We still have to get through those different story points. But like ‘Breaking Bad,’ I hope the pacing of the story will pace up as it gets towards the end. I think that’s going to happen. We see some fundamental movement in Season 3. Then in Seasons 4 and 5, and I’m saying maybe 5, the dominoes are gonna fall faster.”

He also gives a reminder that “Jimmy’s life isn’t over with Saul. He then becomes Gene.” This refers to the black-and-white scenes that have opened every season of “Better Call Saul.” They show a post-“Breaking Bad” Jimmy living under the alias Gene and working in an Omaha Cinnabon. He adds, “While he’s hiding there and still alive, he’s got plenty of time to think about the choices he made. He can maybe make different choices and become another version of himself. That’s what I hope happens. It would be cool if he came to some realizations that would allow him to live and not hide.”

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  1. Better Call Saul is the best series on TV followed closely by House of Cards… That said, I feel Kim Wexley’s character is the best female lead ever even surpassing Claire Underwood…

  2. Great show, great visuals, great use of music, actors are excellent. It plays like a movie theater, rather than TV. Love all the leads!

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