Bobby Moynihan interview: ‘Mr. Mayor’

“I feel like I won a second TV lottery with ‘SNL’ being the first,” confesses Bobby Moynihan about his role in the Tina Fey and Robert Carlock created comedy “Mr. Mayor.” For our recent webchat he adds, “I can’t believe I get to say Tina and Robert’s words. They have kind of created their own universe inside comedy. I’m just happy to be part of it. It’s all about the silliest thing you could possibly say, while also being completely grounded.” Watch the exclusive video interview above.

“Mr. Mayor” is a new NBC comedy about a retired businessman, played by Ted Danson, who becomes the mayor of Los Angeles. Moynihan plays Jayden Kwapis, the lovable but bumbling communications director. The actor explains, “I love playing someone who loves love. That’s pretty much it. He just wants the mayor to like him. As far as the politics stuff, it doesn’t really matter to him, as long as people are happy. I feel like whatever happens when a character is with him, they are being annoyed or confused by Jayden. Then, by the end they realize he accidentally helped.”

In the sixth episode of the series, ‘Respect in the Workplace,’ the entire staff is stuck trying to pass their annual workplace harassment meeting. Moynihan reveals, “It was my favorite to shoot. It was kind of the first time the whole team was in a room for an extended period. I feel like the show starts in that episode. It’s when you really meet those people. They are locked in the room for a day and are yelled at for how terrible they are.”

The actor first became well known for his nine years on “Saturday Night Live.” The alum admits, “The pandemic happened in the middle of shooting ‘Mr. Mayor.’ We had some time off and became very friendly over Zoom. When we came back, we felt like the characters from this show. On ‘SNL’ you repeated characters. I did Drunk Uncle a bunch of times. But there was no point where I put on Drunk Uncle and thought, ‘ah yes, there he is.’ When I put my costume on for Jayden I started acting like him. That was very fun. I’d missed that. I was theatre major in college, I get to do that again after the insanity of ‘SNL.’ There you had to show up and kill for three minutes. On this show, you have to build relationships with all these different people and make this insane character believable.”

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