Britt Lower interview: ‘Severance’

“It’s been so gratifying to watch the fans fall in love with ‘Severance,'” says actress Britt Lower, who plays Helly on the Apple TV+ thriller. “When we were making the show we were in this bubble, figuring out what the show was. We all fell in love with these characters and with Dan Erickson‘s writing and Ben Stiller‘s direction. We were also like, ‘This is pretty weird! Do you think people will get this? Will they enjoy it as much as we are enjoying making it?’ We had no clue that it would touch peoples’ hearts and minds in the way it has.” Watch our video interview above.

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“Severance” follows Mark (Adam Scott), as he leads a team of office workers whose memories have been surgically divided between their work and personal lives. When a mysterious colleague appears outside of work, it begins a journey to discover the truth about their jobs.

Lower admits she’s been fortunate enough to never feel the desire to sever her mind from work. “I’ve had a lot of great jobs in my life,” she reveals. “My first job was — my mom and I ran a face painting business together when I was a teenager. It carried on as a skillset that I had and helped me afford groceries when I first moved to New York and was starting out acting. I paid for my life through the art of face painting. It’s something that I still love to do as an art form. I don’t have that awful job story that some people do have. I’m grateful that I got to have this early relationship with creativity as a way to build a life in New York City.”

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In the Season 1 finale we learn Helly is actually Helena Eagan, the daughter of Lumon Industries CEO Jame Eagan and the descendant of found Kier Eagan. She wakes up, thrust into a gala in which she is supposed to give a speech about the severance process and advocate for the humane procedure. “Helly really does become very cool under pressure,” the actress explains. “Once she makes a decision she doesn’t look back. She’s always forward moving. The environment of that gala, I think we counted 54 images of Helly on these huge spinning cubes. As an actor, to see that many images of yourself is somewhat daunting and flustering. But Helly is putting together all these pieces at once. It was this dual experience of taking this funhouse mirror situation and putting the pieces together. Not only am I Helly’s worst nightmare, but she’s in charge. She’s put herself in this situation. It’s just literalized becoming your own worst enemy. She’s been the mastermind behind why she’s been trapped in this office.”

Season 2 of “Severance” is currently in production. Apple TV+ has not released an official statement on the premiere date, but several new cast members have been revealed.

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