Britt Robertson Q&A: ‘Mr. Church’

“It was definitely a little intimidating, but I was excited,” admits actress Britt Robertson about working with superstar Eddie Murphy on the new movie “Mr. Church.” In our recent chat (watch above), she adds, “I thought at the time there was no one more perfect for the role because he has a really sweet charm about him, and it’s a great opportunity for him to show the other side of his chops.”

The movie from Cinelou Films and director Bruce Beresford (“Driving Miss Daisy”) opens nationwide on September 16 and is based on the real life of its screenwriter, Susan McMartin. The daughter in the film is renamed Charlie Brody and is played by Robertson. Mr. Church (Murphy) is the mysterious man who helped raise her beginning in the 1970s and was a self-taught master of cooking, jazz piano, gardening, painting and more.

Robertson says having the person she was playing nearby was of great assistance: “The director really let her be a part of the shooting process. I liked having her there because it always helped me feel confident and comfortable in that she was getting everything she needed to be accurate… I loved having her there as my comfort blanket.”

In addition to this starring role, her red hot movie career lately has included major roles in “Cake,” “Tomorrowland,” and “Mother’s Day” plus the upcoming “The Space Between Us.” She began her career with many TV guest spots and regular series work on “Swingtown,” “Life Unexpected,” “The Secret Circle,” and “Under the Dome.”

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