Bruce Miller Interview: ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ showrunner

For “The Handmaid’s Tale” showrunner Bruce Miller, the scariest part of Margret Atwood‘s original novel is “the way Gilead happened.” In both the book and the series, theocratic fascism comes to America because “people were sleepwalking and not paying attention to the things around them.” With the show’s third season, Miller wanted to draw audience’s attentions to “how these things happen,” and encourage them to “look around your world and make sure those things aren’t happening.” The Emmy-winning producer spoke at length about these issues while appearing at Gold Derby’s Meet the Experts panel, conducted virtually by managing editor Chris Beachum. Watch out exclusive video interview with Miller above.

Now in its third season, Hulu’s Emmy-winning drama finds handmaiden June (Elisabeth Moss) continuing to rebel against the oppressive dictatorship of Gilead from within. When the show premiered in 2017, Miller and his crew could never have guessed that their art would start predicting life with the election of President Donald Trump. “I honestly would very much prefer to be writing ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ and everybody saying, ‘That would never happen,'” he admits. “It would make me very happy to have my show move into irrelevancy.”

In telling stories about “people in extremis,” Miller explains, “part of why you’re doing that is to hope that it’s a cautionary tale so that it doesn’t happen. It’s sickening when you think of the worst thing you could think of, and you come back a year later and that’s what’s happened.” Despite giving his show an added sense of relevancy, “it certainly doesn’t feel good to be right. I’d much rather be wrong.”

Miller has also been a producer for “The 100,” “Eureka,” “Medium,” “Everwood” and “E.R.” He won Best Drama Series and Best Drama Writing in 2017 for “The Handmaid’s Tale” among his 5 nominations. He has received 4 WGA nominations and 2 from the PGA.

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