Bryce Fortner interview: ‘I’m Your Woman’ cinematographer

Cinematographer Bryce Fortner says he was not tempted to use period lenses when shooting “I’m Your Woman,” despite it being set in 1975. He explained his equipment choices for this Amazon Prime feature during Gold Derby’s Meet the BTL Experts panel conducted virtually by this writer (watch above). “We thought about using lenses from that era but it was important to the director, Julia Hart, that it didn’t feel like a museum film. We wanted it to be something where the audience was experiencing what was happening as opposed to looking back on a moment in time.”

“I’m Your Woman,” which streams on Amazon Prime, is a throwback to the crime dramas of the 1970s, albeit with a twist. The focus of the action is on suburban housewife Jean (Rachel Brosnahan) whose life is up-ended when her criminal husband Cal (Bill Heck), turns on his partners and she and her baby are forced to go on the run. Fortner detailed the ways in which he achieved a slightly gritty feel to the film by using very high ISOs to introduce more grain into the image and give it some texture.

Fortner had first paired up with Hart last year for the Disney+ family film “Stargirl” and he was delighted to reunite with the writer/director for this very different film. Fortner has a degree in screenwriting, which he credits with informing his work as a cinematographer. “My goal is not to make my presence known. I appreciate story and performance more than anything. I love my job and feel best about it when I am setting up the performers and the director to succeed. Having that degree in writing gives me an appreciation for a script.”

Fortner, who got his start in TV comedies like “Portlandia” and “Flaked,” has recently shifted to indie film fare including the well-received “Ingrid Goes West” and “Professor Marston & the Wonder Women.”

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