Caitlin FitzGerald Q&A: ‘Masters of Sex’

Caitlin FitzGerald has a tricky role on the new Showtime series "Masters of Sex." She plays the repressed wife of famed sexuality doctor William Masters (Michael Sheen) who is fearful that their marriage is on the rocks.

In an exclusive video chat with Gold Derby (watch below), FitzGerald reveals, "They both discover things about the other that they didn't know. It puts a crack in the relationship that may or may not be able to be repaired. They both lie to each other, possibly for the first time. I think it forms a chasm between them"

Libby Masters believes she and her husband need to have a child to repair their lackluster marriage. She is told by doctors that she is infertile, but it is actually Bill who has the medical problem. They somehow conceive, but she has a miscarriage in the episode "Catherine."

If nominated for an Emmy in the competitive Drama Supporting Actress category this summer, the actress would most likely submit that episode to the judging panel. She admits, "I just wept when I read it. It was a really hard one to shoot. I did a lot of research and went into chat rooms for women who had lost babies. It's the biggest nightmare there is to lose a child. I felt honored and terrified to have to tell that story."

The series could be one of the few freshman contenders at this year's Emmys to reap bids across the major categories. While the first season aired in the fall, the second will air its premiere episode on July 13, three days after Emmy nominations are announced.

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