Caitlin Gerard Q&A: ‘American Crime’

"We are our most honest selves when we’re on the precipice of change" says newcomer Caitlin Gerard about the critically acclaimed show "American Crime." She adds, "It mirrors society … [and as] we as a country are going through a very self-reflective state, this show is a natural reaction to us being more honest with ourselves." 

Created by Oscar-winning writer John Ridley ("12 Years a Slave"), it is a ripped from the headlines limited series that concluded with a bang last week on ABC. The network then renewed it for a second go-round next season in an anthology format in which many of the cast members, including Felicity Huffman and Timothy Hutton, will play different parts in a completely new storyline.

In this first edition, Gerard has her first major breakthrough role, playing the young, drug addicted Aubry Taylor. She finds herself at the center of a grisly crime story following a shocking home invasion that leaves a respected war veteran dead and his beauty queen wife on life support. Her lover, played by Critics Choice TV Award nominee Elvis Nolasco, is the chief suspect. 

Having landed her "dream role," Gerard is now enjoying the thrill ride that comes with critical acclaim and possible awards attention. She says, "I gotta love my dream, so I can't imagine how it gets any better."

As for her most challenging scene to shoot, Gerard discusses the confession scene in the eighth episode of the series, in which the camera is transfixed on her character as she takes the fall for the murder at the center of the story: "That scene was shot in one take. There’s no cut in that scene, and it’s six minutes long. And having done it so much; the repetition gave me this freedom."

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