Caitriona Balfe Interview: ‘Outlander’

“I think it’s the most insecure we have ever seen Claire be,” admits Caitriona Balfe about the journey her character Claire has taken this season in our new webchat. “She’s undoing 20 years of repression in many ways and she doesn’t really know who she is anymore,” she says. “She is trying to find her center. When you uproot yourself, it takes time to adjust and to find the ground under your feet again.” Watch our exclusive video interview with Balfe above.

In the highly anticipated third season of “Outlander” now airing on Starz, Claire travels back to her life in 1948, pregnant with the child she has conceived with Jamie (Sam Heughan), who remains back in 18th century Scotland. After 20 years of raising her daughter Brianna (Sophie Skelton), she finds a way to travel back in time and reunite with her true love Jamie. Fans have been clamoring to see Claire and Jamie back together for a reunion, and were not disappointed after the celebrated “print shop” episode (the sixth installment of the season) aired in October. And for Balfe, having these characters readjust to life together has been a challenge that she has relished.

“One of the hardest things for me to wrap my head around was how do you leave your daughter, how do you say goodbye to her and pretty much believe that you’re probably never going to see her again,” she reveals. “What is the reality of seeing someone that you haven’t seen in 20 years? You don’t want to make it too much like the angels are singing and all of that. You want to play the realism of it. We all talked about how awkward or clumsy or childlike you would become again because you’re just not sure what to do and you just have all of this desire and all of these expectations.”

“For 20 years, yes she’s had a loving relationship with her daughter and she’s loved her career, but she’s been without intimacy and she’s been without romantic or emotional love, and so that has to change someone drastically,” the actress explains. “The flip side of that is, once you’ve flipped someone’s center internally, she’s trying to re-establish that connection with Jamie again and she’s trying to find her feet again in this new time.”

3 thoughts on “Caitriona Balfe Interview: ‘Outlander’”

  1. Caitriona Balfe is an amazing actress who plays Claire perfectly in Outlander. She really has brought the book character to life!

  2. Catriona brings her own feelings and interpretation of her character to the show which brings her character to life. She is an amazing actress!

  3. Why don’t the judges spread their wings occasionally and give a look at some shows that are not in the first five slots on the list? I am an OUTLANDER fan along with 5 million people who watch the show….we cannot ALL be wrong! It is a wonderful story and the acting, cast, costumes,etc. and, of course, beautiful Scotland are superb! I think you all must have been told that, but it seems as though you did not give this show another thought….The same shows ALWAYS win every year!! There are NEVER any surprises or “stick your neck out” winners! Too bad and hardly worth watching. I suggest that all the judges take some time out next year and give OUTLANDER a look! You might be pleasantly surprised!

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